Civil Celebrant on the Essex Sunshine Coast

Funerals Hi, I'm Jenny

I conduct Celebration of Life (funerals) services at Weeley, Colchester and Seven Hills crematoriums and Oakfield Wood, natural burial ground at Wrabness. I also conduct these services at alternative venues like The House, The Venue, which are wonderful and not constrained by time. Funeral services can be held anywhere (with the owner’s permission) even in your own home!

Some families have supported their loved ones wishes and had a ‘direct’ cremation, no attendees and held a Memorial, Thanksgiving or Celebration of Life service at a venue either the evening before, on the day their loved one is being cremated elsewhere or sometime after.

I offer a free Committal*when I have conducted the Celebration of Life, Thanksgiving or Memorial service in a venue other than a crematorium *(not applicable if a ‘direct’ cremation - no attendance).

I offer a free ‘Scattering of Ashes’ service for anyone for whom I’ve conducted a ceremony.

I do not charge for anyone under the age of eighteen.