Civil Celebrant on the Essex Sunshine Coast

About me Why I do this job!

I just love telling people’s stories! Nobody lives just an ordinary life and the people, places and pursuits that make you unique are always worth celebrating! Whether you’ve met the ‘one’, welcomed someone new into your family, are so proud of an achievement you just want to tell the world, or you simply want to say goodbye to a loved one in a beautiful venue not constrained by time...

Well maybe I can help?

I like to say I’m a verbal portrait artist, I paint a picture with words...


So, if you want to shout, I Love You from the rooftops, present your newest member of the family to the world, bid a fond and final farewell or simply say‘I do’

then why not give me a call and together we can plan #lifeafterlockdown and a true celebration of life, love or longevity; I can’t wait to meet you!

My own wedding

My own wedding took place in 1989, onboard the Empress Lilly (a Mississippi steamboat) moored on Lake Buena Vista in Disney Village, Florida! There were just six of us and a retired US RN Chaplain (who was licensed to marry) did the honours and over 30 years on we’re still together. We had just a week to organise our wedding ceremony, there was no internet or mobile phones but we managed and I think we look happy!?!

I Love..

CHOCOLATE! walking my Italian Greyhound on the beach, Outlander, Pub quizzes, the NHS, 'Popmaster', beach combing, front room discos playing singles on our Rock-ola Jukebox, ‘Sound of the Seventies’ with Johnnie Walker, The Alienist on Netflix….
I'm Also..
A Lacto-Vegetarian, a volunteer dog walker for the Cinnamon Trust, a member of two local litter-picking groups, a Trustee of Coffin Club Colchester (Reg. Charity No. 1182860), a qualified Airframe & Aero-Engine Fitter by trade and I used to do Raqs Sharqi….

I live..

On the Essex Sunshine Coast in Frinton-on-Sea with my husband, one dog, two cats and two chickens, our two daughters have flown the nest.